Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Done with Christmas Knitting

I'm pretty sure that I'm done with my power knitting for Christmas!  Yeah!  In the last 6 weeks, I've made 6 hats, 1 scarf, 1 pr of slippers, 2 men's hoods........ Actually, I've lost track.

My family has been receiving homemade items from me for many years.
I don't live close to my niece and nephews, so when I make them something to wear, or an afghan, or a doll, I hope they feel closer to me. About 2 years ago my oldest nephew and his future wife stayed with us for a couple of days.  He asked if he could use the washer and dryer.  As I was standing with him putting detergent in the washer, he held up a blue afghan I had made for him years earlier.  "Do you remember this?"  he asked.  Boy, did I.  It was a present for his first year in college. Serendipity, that year I had made an afghan for his intended, white, black and red.  She was so surprised, as those were her colors.  Really, I had no idea.

This year my niece asked me to make her a sock monkey.  I was so thrilled that she asked. She'll never know how many people were involved in finding those socks!  Of course, Auntie won't just send the monkey, Oh no, Auntie has plans for at least 2 outfits.

Writing this, I'm filled with remembrance.  The doll I sewed for an elderly neighbor, she was buried with it.  The 1st hat I made for Aunt Rosie, she wore it for years, white angora with a flower on the side.  The doll with the turquoise dress I sewed for an auction at my nephews school, my mother bought it, it sits on her bed.  My older sister "keeps for good" the Christening blanket I made for her son. 

So, I hope, long after I'm gone, my niece and nephews will look at the items I've made for them over the years, smile, and remember the laughing lady that knits.

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