Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Red mohair cape

Well, comsuming most of my time is a full to the waist, kid mohair, red cape.  So far so good, but seeing as I don't use patterns, I make my own, sometimes things come out fine, sometimes they don't. The yarn is luxurious, but fine, I'm using #3 kneedles. I'll finish the edges in a crochet open work.  In the future I hope to publish pictures of my creations. 

They say that knitting is zen like.  My theory of knitting is that it's fun to learn new stiches and patterns, but if you're constantly finding that your project is more of a dust bunny, rip it out!  I knit to calm myself and take time just for me to sit and produce something beautiful, functional, and texturally pleasing.

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